The beauty of Centor Retractable Screen systems:

There’s no denying bi-folds and other large doors transform your home, and when planning a renovation or new build it’s easy to be distracted organizing these feature doors — but have you thoughts about what you will do when you need a little privacy? Or how you’ll manage sun glare… or control bugs?

Centor’s award-winning retractable Screen & Shade Systems take care of all that. Furthermore, our unique products are built into the wall, meaning they’re hidden until you need them.

Designed to work alongside your choice of doors and windows, there are solutions for every home. Choose from:

  • S4: specifically designed for large doors up to 3.2m high and 9.01m wide with a range of screen, blind and combination options
  • S2: perfect for controlling bugs on smaller openings up to 2.6m