Quick Answers to Simple Questions

Purchase and Installation Q&A

Step One: The most important factor is to make sure that your retractable screen door has been professionally installed by a qualified technician.

Step Two: Be careful to vacuum the bottom track to remove any dust and debris that may have accumulated on the screen mesh and inside the retractable screen door track, then carefully wipe down the track with a hot soapy cloth to remove the greyish grime that commonly sticks to the paint, making the operation of the screen door difficult.

Step Three: The silicone spray lubricant that comes with your Lumasso retractable screen door purchase is to ensure years of trouble-free, smooth operation of your screen door. Spray top and bottom tracks lightly at a 45-degree angle to the surface, then operate the screen door through three complete open/close cycles.

Since we source our retractable screens form different suppliers, the parts are always either made in Canada, the USA, or Europe, including the screen meshes. Each retractable screen door is custom made for your home in our production facility in Port Coquitlam, BC., thus enabling a precise and custom fit to each doorway.


Warranty and Servicing Q&A

Yes, of course. We sell, install, and repair various popular brands of retractable screen doors. We are familiar with all the products in our industry.

The most common repair is to replace the screen mesh. This requires removing the door, removing the damaged screen mesh, replacing with a brand-new one, and lubricating all parts. It is then ready to be reinstalled in its original position. This is usually done with a very short lead time.

Most manufacturers warranty their products (limited lifetime) to the homeowner who originally bought the door, so the warranty may not apply to you if you are not the original purchaser of your screen. Warranties are generally limited to parts such as the magnet or latch mechanism and internal spring assembly but normally exclude the actual screen mesh. If you take proper care of it, your screen door should work properly for many years, without any major problems. Always keep it rolled up when not in use and keep the top and bottom tracks clean and lubricated at all times.

All of our retractable screen doors (single or double) come with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, aside from our own installation labor warranty. This is normally limited to the internal spring (breakage under normal wear) and the magnet or latch mechanism (failure). Super magnets are now available in most brands.

We are able to measure for your screen door in about 15 minutes, including any extra parts or filler pieces that may be necessary for the installation.

The actual time at your home to install a retractable screen door takes between 60 and 90 minutes.

The fabrication and installation timeline is usually between 5 to 10 business days, depending on the seasonal demand.

Repairs Q&A

The screen mesh is usually damaged by pets or humans hitting forcefully against the mesh, forcing the mesh to become entangled, torn, or creased in some way.

We are able to remove your existing retractable screen door (almost any brand), dismantle it, clean and lubricate internal parts, replace it with a brand-new screen mesh, reassemble the door, and reinstall it. This is much more cost-effective than cheaper brands that must be thrown away for lack of available parts. Any of our retractable screens should be considered as a lifetime purchase, as they will always be serviceable.


Quality and Design Q&A

Each brand of carefully selected retractable screen doors that Lumasso supplies is made from the highest-grade materials, including high strength aluminum extrusions with powder-coated finishes, UV-treated nylon and PVC parts, specially stiffened Phifer brand fiberglass mesh, and stainless-steel screws. Stowaway retractable screens have the added quality of a stainless steel mesh spline and solid aluminum handles. The other brands use plastics for these parts.

All of our screen doors use specially formulated Phifer brand screen mesh made in the USA. This includes our Canadian screen door brands.

Mesh options include regular stiffened mesh, noseeum mesh, solar mesh, and pet mesh.

Black is the recommended color of mesh, though grey is also available.

Stowaway brand offers 14 standard colors and 3 real wood grain veneer options (can be stained and varnished) on their standard retractable screen doors. All components in the standard colors are color matched (handles, magnets, rails, end caps, and optional French door pins)—as per the homeowner’s preference.

Wizard brand offers 7 standard colors and 15 imitation wood grain veneer options (cannot be stained nor varnished as it is a plastic veneer) on their standard retractable screen doors. All components in standard colors are color matched (handles, magnets, rails, end caps, and optional French door pins)—as per the homeowner’s preference.

Performance Q&A

Firstly, it is custom made for your home and EACH individual doorway. You can have a short one in the back, a tall one at the front door, and an even wider one for your patio sliding door.

A retractable screen door has so many more options and features to choose from than a regular aluminum storm screen door or wooden framed screen door.

You can choose between different colors to match your door frame, the color of the door itself, the color of the siding, or for a bold contrast.

It will not interfere with the look of your doorway—especially important on front doors.

It will fit any size, style, or age of door. Completely adaptable to wooden, aluminum, or steel frame doorways.

Retrofitting is the concept of adapting new things to older style homes or designs. That is why a retractable screen door is completely customizable to your existing doorway or window. It updates your home with more functional features without any major changes to your decor.

All of our retractable screen doors are custom made so you do not have to worry if it will fit or not.

Although there are simple DIY versions on the market, Lumasso only provides custom-made doors to fit your doorway, with full product support from the manufacturers.

Our installers are experts at looking at every door in your home with a critical eye for the best installation. The limited lifetime warranty is available when installed professionally by a Lumasso installer as well.


Recycling Q&A

Have an old retractable screen door that is laying around? Lumasso recycles! Donate your old retractable screen door and we can make sure it does not end up in the landfill. We also donate used screen mesh (in optimum condition) to used building supply companies!

Lumasso also recycles all cardboard and aluminum—even the clean aluminum shavings! Let’s keep our environment healthy!

Maintenance Tips Q&A

When you purchase any of our retractable screen doors, we always have our professional installers ask you to try the door out BEFORE the top and bottom tracks are sprayed down with silicone so they can feel the difference and know how it should operate under optimal conditions.

When pulling out the screen, do not force it in any way. It is also very important to realign the screen mesh as soon as a wrinkle or crease appears. If left unattended after an accidental bump, the constant opening and closing of the door will cause the mesh to drag and fray, allowing bugs to enter. We don’t want that to happen!

We recommend cleaning the bottom track once a month and at the first use in spring. To clean the bottom track of dust, sand, dirt, etc., drag a wet, warm cloth carefully across the bottom track. Once the tracks are cleaned out, use a small amount of the provided silicone lubricant to spray both tracks. We recommend doing this once per month during regular warm weather and at the first use in spring.