Retractable screen doors installed in Toronto

Retractable Screens in Toronto

We supply high quality screen, shade and privacy products for residential homes, including retractable screen doors and window screens, motorized retractable awnings and retractable-louvered pergolas.

  • Provides long lasting solution for family safety
  • Brings fresh air and oxygen into home
  • Provides very large airflow volume for cooling in hotter weather
  • Helps dissipate toxins in home from building materials
  • Provides a physical barrier against all flying insects
  • Reduces home pesticide use
  • Sleek, compact, and user-friendly design
  • Easily custom-fitted to any doorway 
  • Color choice of powder coat finishes
  • Made with high quality stainless steel fasteners 
  • Stowaway, Mirage, Centor and Phantom brands available
  • GREENGUARD (low emissions) mesh certification
  • Made in USA and Canada
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Provides heat gain control and blocks solar glare and UV rays
  • Gives instant shade for sundecks and patios
  • Facilitates a cool, safe, UV-protected play area for small children
  • Numerous modern designs and fabric styles to choose from
  • Made by exclusive North American and European manufacturers
  • GREENGUARD (low emissions) fabric certification
  • Rust-proof stainless steel and aluminum components
  • Manual or motorized control options available
  • Full limited warranties on fabrics, frames and motors


  • Maximizes interior light intensity on shorter winter days
  • Superior air flow for cooling on hot days
  • Screen mesh never blocks light on fixed glass side of doorway
  • Fresh air helps removes toxins and stale air from home
  • Keeps flying insects and birds from entering home
  • Effective barrier from mosquitoes, bees, and wasps
  • Allows homeowner to enjoy unobstructed views year round
  • Reinforced extruded aluminum frame
  • Never falls off its tracks (no spring-loaded wheels)
  • Guaranteed custom fit for all sliding glass doors
  • MICROBAN treated anti-microbial mesh 
  • Mesh has GREENGUARD low emissions certification
  • Limited warranty
  • Best solution for optimal year round view
  • Sleek, compact, and easy to use
  • Full cassette housing keeps mesh clean and free of debris when not in use
  • Customizable for most awning, and casement style windows
  • Screen mesh disappears when not in use
  • Makes rooms brighter during winter months
  • Healthy fresh air and oxygen supply
  • Numerous color choices available to match window decor
  • Provides physical barrier against birds and flying insects
  • Hogh quality powder coat finishes
  • GREENGUARD (low emissions) mesh certification
  • Parts made in USA and Canada
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Provides an instant home cooling and insect protection solution
  • Large screens provide maximum airflow volume for hot summer days
  • Brings fresh air and oxygen into the home
  • Most effective solution for keeping pets in and rodents out of home
  • Connects your home to the outdoors
  • Quiet, low cost, low maintenance cooling alternative to portable fans and A/C units
  • GREENGUARD (low emissions) mesh certification
  • Customizable sizes up to 10' height by 24’ width
  • Mesh options available (No-see-um, Tuff Screen)
  • Manually operated (horizontal) for quick access
  • Full limited warranty

Retractable Screens for Large Openings

Retractable Screens for Large Openings

Large opening doorways are becoming very popular in modern homes, so much that numerous large opening screen systems have come to market over the past 10 to 15 years. Lumasso Industries  is a distributor for various brand models including Centor S2 and S4, Mirage 3500 and the Phantom XL wall screen. All can be used to retrofit onto almost any type of sliding or hinged large openings where access is required multiple times a day. For infrequent daily use, we recommend motorized screens.


Retractable Screens for Windows (casement or awning type)

Retractable Window Screens

Lumasso’s retractable window screens are made to fit on any style casement or awning type windows. They are carefully measured to fit in a compact manner on your window’s interior frame. The main screen housing is mounted either on one side with a top and bottom guide rail, or is mounted horizontally at the top of the opening with a guide rail on either side of the opening. A medium strength magnet system is used for ease of operation. I some select cases, they can be mounted on sliding Brands include:
Stowaway (full cassette housing, powder coated aluminum handles and magnet system)
Serene by Phantom (semi cassette housing with pull bar and latch system


Retractable Screens for Sliding Glass Doors

Retractable Screens for Sliding Glass Doors

Our retractable screen systems can all be custom adapted to any style of sliding glass doors. Our expert technicians regularly use different extrusions and lumber pieces as fillers to match the oftentimes uneven profiles surrounding the opening. StowAway, Phantom and Mirage retractable screens all can be adapted. For glass doors with large handles, StowAway screens are the preferred option as its handles can be offset for clearance.  For larger sliding glass door openings, the Mirage M3500 large opening screen or the Phantom XL wall screen can be used.



Retractable Screens for Single or Double Doors (inswing / outswing)

Retractable Screen Doors

Lumasso custom fabricates to size all retractable screen door brands on site at client's homes, or prefabricates them to specific sizes ordered by DIY customers who prefer to install a retractable screen door themselves.

Our most popular retractable screen door brands include:

  • Stowaway screens made by Stoett Industries
  • Professional and Legacy series screens made by Phantom Screens
  • Mirage screens made by Mirage Screen Systems

Motorized Retractable Awnings

Retractable Awnings

Lumasso is able to process your custom awning project in some of the shortest lead times in the industry so you can enjoy more of those sunny, warm days—entertaining guests or just relaxing in the shade with a beautiful view on your patio or deck.

Some retractable awning models we offer include:

  • MITJAVILA: Monobloc 1440, Semi Cassette Duck, Full Cassette 250 and 600EX, and Terrace Cover 265 (Stand Alone Twin Retractable Awning)
  • KEUSA: Qubica, Bella Plus, Elite Plus, Triumph, and Onyx

Motorized Retractable Screen Systems

Large Opening Retractable Screens

Lumasso offers a wide range of retractable screen systems to custom retrofit large openings of your home or business where insect control and/or solar protection during hot sunny summer days is of utmost concern. Choose from different colors, styles and functionalities of popular models. Mesh solutions include insect control, privacy, and solar protection.

Brands include: Panorama, PanoramaLite, Maximus 140.

Retractable Window Screens

Lumasso’s retractable window screens are made to fit on any style casement or awning type windows. They are carefully measured and manufactured to fit in a compact manner on your windows' interior frames.

Brands include:

  • Stowaway (full cassette housing, powder coated aluminum handles and magnet system)
  • Serene by Phantom (semi cassette housing with pull bar and latch system

Retractable Screen Doors


StowAway retractable screens glide smoothly along their tracks - bringing the best of the fresh outside air in. StowAway retractable screens also help block the sun’s rays, as well as insects and dust. Eliminating the need for storm doors, it enhances the style of any doorway by gliding away into a slim, self-protective full cassette housing, making it a refined, elegant solution for single, french (double) doors, sliding patio doors, in-swing and out-swing doors, and even casement and awning type windows.  There are12 standard colors to choose from, 3 real wood veneer options, and 2 anodized finishes (black and silver).


Mirage retractable screen doors are an economical and practical way to screen your doorways. Features include a semi-cassette housing and plastic cup shaped handles and slightly deeper tracks. The Mirage brand retractable screen door is virtually maintenance-free after a proper professional installation service. Standard and premium extrusion colors available for that hard-to-find custom look to match your home’s decor.


As the original retractable screen door model made by Phantom, the Professional series screen door uses a magnet system.

The Legacy retractable screen door by Phantom Screens allows you to operate the opening and closing of the screen door  with a thumb latch system as part of the handle. This eliminates the need for a magnet - as top and bottom pins hold the door in place. This allows for simple access especially on double or french doors.

The new MeshLock retractable screen door system by Phantom is a great solution to help prevent cats, rodents, and other small creatures from getting through the normally loose-riding mesh (in the track) on other retractable screen doors. Its specially-designed zipper system is the first of its kind in the industry for standard size doors. Its compact size allows for a good looking fit on any doorway.

Retractable Garage Screens


PanoramaUltra Retractable Screens (by Stoett Industries) are made  with the highest quality materials and superior American craftsmanship. Regardless of your specific needs, PanoramaUltra  Screens can be configured in multiple ways in order to provide privacy and optimal protection from insects, weather, and sun. Common applications include patios, lanais, pergolas, garages, and balconies.

These screens can be manually or motor-operated and completely seal off insects thanks to the anchoring system in the vertical tracks. Shield your motorcycles, golf carts, and all your favorite toys from the elements while your garage door is up. No bottom sill to drive over, allowing you to enter and exit effortlessly with your vehicle.

Retractable Awnings


Mitjavila Canada is part of one of the largest retractable awning manufacturers in Europe. This brand has had leading technological advances over the years - bringing many retractable screen systems and awning models to the world market. With their production facility in Canada, Lumasso Industries Inc is able to distribute and ship to all provinces in a timely fashion, completing orders quickly with shortened lead times. Products include open roll, semi-cassette, and full cassette motorized awnings that are controlled by hand remotes, and equipped with wind sensors for protection against unexpected weather patterns. A wide range of standard and custom frame colors allow homeowners many color combinations with standard Tibelly or Sunbrella acrylic fabrics. Other products such as high quality motorized solar mesh or insect screen systems are also available, along with water resistant Bioclimatic Pergolas.


KEUSA has been dedicating itself to producing the most technologically advanced retractable awnings in the North American market. With its diverse range of sizes, styles and options, KEUSA has a solution for every awning project, including box (open roll), semi cassette, and full cassette awnings. State of the art superior folding arm technology provides greater strength and reliability for their retractable awnings. Somfy motors are a standard component of their awning systems.

Large Opening Retractable Screens


Panorama Ultra retractable large opening screens are made by Stoett Industries for patios, folding door systems or large exterior windows. The Panorama Ultra Retractable Screen system is motorized and completely seals off large openings from bugs or solar rays, or a combination of both. Product components are made of high grade aluminum and stainless steel fasteners. There is even a clear vinyl option that allows thermal, wind and rain protection. These remote-controlled screens can be custom made up to 24’ wide and 13’ tall. Lumasso is a proud distributor of Stoett's high quality products.

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