Stowaway Screens


StowAway™ Retractable Screens' smooth-glide technology allows you to bring a fresh breeze into your home in an instant - all year long. StowAway™ retractable screens allow you to control the temperature of your living space, as well as keep out flying insects (such as mosquitoes, midges, bees, hornets and wasps), airborne particles and even dust. Stowaway screens eliminate the need for storm doors and enhances the style of any doorway due to its sleek design of its full cassette housing, solid aluminum powder coated handles, and its super magnet system.

When not in use, the Stowaway glides away into a slim, self-protective full cassette housing, which keeps out nesting insects away from the screen roll, and possible pinched fingers (in contrast to other brands). An elegant solution for single doors and French (double) doors, sliding patio doors, inswing and outswing doors, and even casement and awning windows. There are 12 standard colors to choose from: White, Off White, Linen, Sandalwood, Desert Tan, Mahogany Brown, Architectural Bronze, Ivy Green, Hunter Green, Brown, Grey and Black.  Plus there are 3 real wood veneer options, and 2 anodized finishes (Black Anodized and Clear Anodized).